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Our Youth Theatre, split into three companies by age-group, has become the flagship of the school.

Students get the opportunity to perform in two productions each academic year, including the renowned "BROADWAY SHOWTUNES" at the Pavilion Theatre each July. Entrance to the youth theatre is via audition only, usually in September each year - with occasional intakes in March.

In addition to the three companies below, our advanced Professional Development Programme also participate in the SHOWTUNES production, as well as taking part in a musical during February half-term.  Find out more about PDP here...

Starting in September 2019, we are launching our new Foundation Youth Theatre. This new company is aimed at students in year 1 - 4 who already have significant aptitude and ability in musical theatre, and who would benefit from being part of a company to continue their training. See below for more information…


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For students in years 4, 5 & 6 and directed by Kelly Knight, the Footlight company offers a grounding in the techniques and disciplines required as students progress.  Rehearsals take place every Saturday (10am-1pm) in term time, at Bournemouth School For Girls.



For students in years 7, 8 & 9 and directed by Sam Taylor-Martin,  the Limelight company gives students the chance to build on their confidence and skills.  Rehearsals take place every Saturday (10am-1pm) in term time at Bournemouth School For Girls.



For students in year 10+ and directed by Sam Taylor-Martin,  the Starlight company takes a more advanced approach to work & prepares for possible PDP entry in year 12.  Rehearsals take place every Saturday (2-5pm) in term time at Bournemouth School For Girls.

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Foundation Youth Theatre is strictly for students in school years 1 - 4 who wish to work at a faster pace. And is for children who are looking to eventually audition for our Footlight Youth Theatre Company. Covering all aspects of musical theatre, our Foundation Youth Theatre will take place in the Performing Arts Block at Bournemouth School for Girls. Students will rehearse with a director and musical director and from time to time with our Youth Theatre creative teams. It should be noted that whilst the aim is to prepare students for potential Footlight entry, there is NO “rite of passage” for students to join our Footlight Youth Theatre and entry is by audition only, normally in September for students starting years 4 or 5.


Children in Foundation Youth Theatre will perform alongside the Footlights in our Youth Theatre Showcase in the spring term each year and have a stand-alone performance in the summer term. They will NOT perform in Broadway Showtunes as they would be too young for such a project.  Entrance to 'Foundation Youth Theatre' is by audition only.