About GAP Theatre

The GAP Theatre course is carefully designed to cater for students aged 18-20. It is specifically for students wishing to commit to a shorter but intensive training programme to prepare for entry into top drama schools or universities. Students should have a genuine ambition to work in the performing arts industry.

The programme will provide advanced training in Musical Theatre and Acting. Students will join for core elements and then further specialise by opting for certain modules. The timetable is deliberately structured so that it is also possible to take on employment, enabling students to fund themselves throughout the course.

What does the course offer?

Using the school’s excellent resources, the course offers intensive skills development, working with an excellent range of practitioners and creative staff.   Students will extend their repertoire and receive training and guidance for auditions, work together on core skills and have the opportunity to extend training through ‘options’ in Musical Theatre, Dance and Acting.

The course culminates with student recitals and a group performance opportunity.   Students will be continuously assessed by teachers and informed of their progress through regular tutorials.


What standard do I need to be to audition?

This is not a beginner’s course. It is expected that students possess a good standard in the skills required for Acting and/or Musical Theatre and have already gained significant experience in performance, examinations and/or auditions.

We are very interested in the “raw”, less experienced performer, providing a high level of natural ability is displayed in the audition and a clear indication of an excellent work ethic.

We appreciate dance ability will range for those interested in Musical Theatre.  We are able to stream dance training to suit, however it is expected that all students are competent “movers” and have a determination to improve dance whilst on the course.

The audition and interview is a two-way process. If in doubt, come and audition and we guarantee constructive feed-back.


What qualification will I receive?

For students studying the Trinity Diploma Course, you will receive a recognised Trinity ATCL Diploma NQA Level 4 qualification,  equivalent to the first year of a Degree course and a nationally recognised qualification.

The Examination requires students to perform a recital of linked pieces which can be tailored to the student’s strengths in performance (Acting, Singing, Dance, Mime, Clowning etc.) This is followed by a ‘Viva voce’ (Oral Examination) which comprises of a discussion and an interpretation/improvisation element.

The examinations take place at the end of the Spring Term.

How is the course structured?

Students can choose to specialise in Acting or Musical Theatre.  Core modules are in Classical Acting, Contemporary Acting, Movement and Voice.  Professional studies and Trinity Diploma planning will be taught to all students in a full day of training.

Further Module Options are timetabled and organised according to disciplines and ability levels and include Contemporary and Performance Dance covering different styles of dance including Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and Musical Theatre, Immersive Theatre, Alternative approaches, Improvisation, Mime, Vocal coaching, Repertoire and Production.

Whilst students specialise in their chosen route (Acting or Musical Theatre), the Trinity Diploma examination enables students to present a recital that allows the learner to show their personal and varied strengths.


How to apply

On receipt of your application form and the £20 audition fee, candidates will be invited to attend an audition and interview.

All candidates will be asked to perform:-
• A contemporary monologue of your own choice (2 minute duration)
• A classical monologue (Elizabethan, Jacobean, Restoration) (2 minute duration)
• A song from any published musical (Please bring the music with you in the correct key, no backing tracks.)

An interview will take place where students can express their interest and tell us more about themselves as a performer. It is also an opportunity to ask questions of your own.   Applicants will be contacted within a week to advise the audition outcome and you may be asked to attend an additional dance or acting workshop, well in advance, prior to a final decision.

For further information please download the course prospectus & application form.